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Probate Real Estate

When someone loved dies, the heartache ought to be confined to grieving the loss, NOT feeling confused by the laws of probate. Having assisted many in this process, my relationships with Attorneys, title companies and all the other professionals who enter into the process, can smooth your path. Working with a Realtor who knows what’s involved can save you money, time and many circuitous hassles. Often one can avoid probate entirely if the paperwork is put in place properly.

My probate practice involves the sale of a number of properties, some very nice and others extremely distressed. Patricia Atkins handles them all professionally, with expert advice and a sense of humor. She knows the ins and outs of the market and how to maximize value. She asks all of the right questions and listens to the answers. I highly recommend her as your agent.

~ Robert Cole Tozer, Attorney at Law

"I love to network, and I'm well connected. When you are buying or selling, anywhere in the nation, I can connect you with a realtor in your target city."

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