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Here In lane County...

A fluttering caught my eye, just beyond my passenger and in a drainage ditch-dozens of Western Meadowlarks bathing! No mistaking all those diagnostic black V’s and yellow chests. Yellow, like the sun, has a way of shining, especially on a rainy day.

We continued our drive through the Willamette valley, a Kestrel on every other phone line, a flock of Wild Turkeys in one field, a flock of Quail in another. The hills and fields of wine grapes already harvested, a few leaves clung damply to the vines. A stop at a bare pear tree filled with birds showed them to be migrating American Robins-hundreds.

The broad expanses of valley in Lane county are magnificent. Though a mere remnant of past vastness, the remnant is that of a fine tapestry. Lamb, poultry, hazelnuts, pears, peaches, wine grapes, fresh produce, herbs, flowers, landscaping plants, shrubs and tree farms are abundant. Oregon exports more Christmas trees than any of the other states.

The rain feeds a multitude of creeks, streams, rivers and fields which in turn host many birds! Driving over the rough terrain in the rain, 2 strikingly white black-shouldered kites chased after one another and landed in a bare tree. This is a relatively new bird to Lane county and not abundant.

The last stop of the day, in the early evening included a house as well as land. Standing at the top of the drive by the house looking out over the valley, my passenger, Allan, heard them first. A certain trumpeting call and within seconds, out of the mist, the fog and drizzle at an elevation of perhaps 50 feet flew a flock of 50 Sandhill Cranes en route to a more southerly destination.

Allan and I met at an Audubon field trip and it is certainly a pleasure assisting folk with purchasing and selling Real Estate in this lovely area!

"I love to network, and I'm well connected. When you are buying or selling, anywhere in the nation, I can connect you with a realtor in your target city."

Call 541-913-9257 to start the process today!!

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